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Jessica's artisan bread is hand crafted bread rather than mass produced. The bread is baked in small batches in masonry ovens.  Artisan bread differs from mass market producers in a number of ways. Special attention is paid to only include the finest ingredients.  Jessica's has returned to the fundamentals of bread baking tradition that's been around for thousands of years, but has been largely forgotten in the modern age.

The basic building blocks of bread are flour, water yeast and salt. Sourdough is added for some breads, eggs and sugar for others. For more complex flavored artisan bread, the ingredients will expand to include: garlic, onions, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, or olive oil among many more delicious ingredients made fresh each day here at Jessica's.

Jessica's artisan bread is crafted from quality ingredients, slowly fermented, hand shaped and baked in small batches in masonry ovens.  Often steam is utilized during the baking process to produce a crispy golden-brown crust characteristic of certain varieties of artisan bread.  The texture and flavor of artisan bread are generally superior to mass produced breads because Jessica's focuses on the highest quality ingredients.  Since preservatives are not used the flavors of each ingredient are vibrantly present in the final product.

Because Jessica's artisan bread is made without chemical additives, it will have a much shorter shelf life than mass produced bread. It should be eaten within a day or two of purchase or frozen for extended storage.